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Digital Presentation Technology and Innovation

Imagine sitting down at a meeting and easily putting your presentation into everyone’s hands. No huddling around a single screen or struggling with projection equipment. This is the future with Circle Technology and our Circle Host Software.

Circle Technology's PATENTED software provides a secure, encrypted wireless solution allowing users to share content to Circle Displays or their own devices. Our three main solutions, CircleMobile, CircleHub, and CircleBox, allow users to share with up to 4, 15, and 40 devices, respectively.

Helping professionals and educators be more efficient and effective at conducting professional, interactive presentations and collaborative meetings, is simple with Circle Technology. Find out for yourself, today.

  • Operates on Private Network / No bandwidth concerns
  • Flexibility of Location / Inside or Outside Office
  • Connection for up to 40 devices / BYOD
  • Single Product Solution / Direct Screen Sharing
  • Expands Wireless Capabilities / Creates Instant Access Point
  • Multi-Platform Solution / Ease of Use
  • Control Viewer Screen / Keep everyone on same page
  • Places presentation into everyone’s hands / One to Many

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    Nov 30, 2012, 3:00am PST


1. Download & Install

2. Open & Run CircleHost

3. Connect and Share


Our encrypted CircleHost Software allows you to screen share from your PC to any mobile device. You can screen share with multiple devices, putting your presentation directly in each of your viewers’ hands. Circle Host is divided into three products: CircleMobile, CircleHub, and CircleBox.

CircleHost Software runs on Windows OS with Wi-Fi support. Internet access is not required to use CircleHost Software; however; Host may access and use Internet during presentation to push content to viewers. Connected viewers are only able to access the content the presenter chooses to push out to the mobile devices. Should a viewer exit the CircleHost network to reach another website, the presenter is notified and can immediately put that viewer back on track.

Circle Viewer

Circle Viewer Software is a lightweight app used to connect CircleHost presentation to client devices. It automatically receives the presentation sent from CircleHost Software and displays it on smart devices with the Circle Viewer App installed. No Internet/Data plan required to connect Circle Viewer to presentations.

A Product to Fit Any Market

CircleHub is ideal for

Direct SalesHuddle RoomsTrainingBoardroomsEducation

Presentations In the Room or On the Road

CircleMobile is ideal for

InsuranceGovernmentFinancialLegalDirect Sales

Presentations on the Go

CircleBox is ideal for

ClassroomTrainingDisplay Signage

Large-Scale Presentations

Customer Testimonials

Our clients were very impressed with the ease and clarity of our presentations using Circle Technology. The tablets saved us time and money and left a great impression with our clients.

Brett Merrick, Vice President
Kibble & Prentice, USI Seattle

With Circle Technology, we’re able to ensure that there is complete collaboration between the client and us. The system eliminates errors that might occur due to forgetfulness, and allows us to work with the client in real-time, with everyone looking at the same information all at once.

Steve Horenstein, Managing Member
Horenstein Law Group, Vancouver WA

As schools continue to move content online, they are constantly in need of upgraded Wi-Fi and increased bandwidth…Circle is a unique solution to that problem. It creates its own Wi-Fi connection, creating a private, secure network to deliver digital content…and then allows the teacher to share content with up to 40 student tablets.

…These technologies create engaging learning environments and offer features that simplify the job of the teacher

Chrissy Winske
TechDecisions Media